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I thought id start writing a bit about what i’m up to In Barcelona just incase anyone is interested or Incase i forget . After a little post uni panic of realising i didn’t really know what to do next, I moved to Barcelona as a bit of a delay tactic for getting a real job haha! Also I should probably warn you now, I’m really bad with punctuation & spelling so i’m hoping this is kind of readable. 

After about two & a half months I have come to the conclusion moving somewhere completely different, out of your comfort zone is an amazing thing to do. I was expecting to maybe have some kind of ‘Im so lonely why have I moved to Spain on my own’ themed break down but it hasn’t actually happened yet, fingers crossed.

Anyway heres a little about how i ended up here. I didn’t actually give Barcelona In itself a lot of thought! I booked a bit of an impulsive holiday In January with my friends to come here because we were all together for the first time in ages and i thought i was rich because I’d just got my student loan like you do. I can’t even remember who suggested Barcelona but it felt like a more grown place to go as Malia was the last holiday we all went on together. So being kind of poor when i made the decision to Au pair, naturally it seemed like a good idea to go somewhere id already paid for a flight to go, so really I just never came home from holiday.

I only really decided I was moving 5 days before i arrived so luckily i didn’t give myself the chance to worry or talk myself out of it which was probably a really good idea as i love to over think things & it actually was a lot less scary then i thought considering i didn’t know anyone or even count to ten in spanish. But theres actually so many english/ english speaking people here like there is pretty much everywhere else in the world & its super easy to make friends.

I decided to Au pair (a posh word for nanny) not because i love kids or anything because I don’t particularly, but because Its a very easy stress free move and a way to decide if you like a city with out making any big financial commitments apart from a plane ticket! (as you usually live with the family) Although if you Au pair in Paris you usually get your own apartment/studio, so maybe that can be my next stop!

I live with a single parent family just the mum & the little girl in a really nice central apartment in walking distance to pretty much everything here. Most Au pairs have all day free after taking the child/children to school, in my case just one little very cute girl. Then you’ll probably be expected work 2-3 hours an evening, In my case working has mainly involved watching frozen and other disney films in spanish/ painting nails/ making cupcakes. I’ve almost always finished by 8 o clock and thats very early for even going out for Dinner In Barcelona! Everyone seems to be practically nocturnal. The downside is the pay isn’t great but then your not actually doing very much work & you don’t pay rent or pay for your food so it probably works out about the same as a regular job if you take all that into consideration & you’ll have all the time in the world to do what you want so if you want to spend a couple of months exploring a new city and visiting lots of coffee shops its probably the right thing to do!
I know some people would probably hate to Au pair & not everyone that does it loves it. Infact I’ve met loads of Au pairs that quit with in a couple of months of being here after they’d made some friends and just got jobs an lived In apartments together. So i guess even if its not your cup of tea it could still be a useful way to get set up somewhere, unless you actually hate kids then probably no, dont do it.

Incase you don’t follow me on instagram, which you really should I’m obsessed with it! My days mainly consist constantly going out for coffee, chilling with my friends
and taking photos of lots of pretty things and very slowly learning a bit of spanish! 
Anyway I think thats enough for now but I’ll probably be posting lots more about my time in Barca soon. But above  in the grid theres a few photo’s of my favourite bits so far.
1. surfhouse the best beach cafe in the world. 2. waking up with a balcony 3 & 4. the lovely streets of Grazia filled with cute shops! 5. ‘El Brunch’ a brunch party in a warehouse on sundays 6. Tarana a coffee shop on my road with lovely cheap food. 7. Parc Guell probably the most beautiful park in the world 8. Cometa lovely very hipster bar/cafe on my road which i’ve spent half of my time in  8. Vicino bar in barceloneta which make the tastiest and strongest espresso martinis (my favourite drink)


  1. This is amazing so proud of you!!! Going to be the cutest little blog. Blogger partners in crime!!!!

  2. sounds like a wonderful adventure in magical city! love love barcelona!
    happy blogging!
    following you on bloglovin'. hope you'll look for me too. see you around!

    a possible fantasy


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